PVWD Minutes

Role of the Board

The PVWD Board is managed by 6 Sub-District Board Chairs, a Board Chairperson and an additional member who represents the Province as a Provincial Appointee. Each Rural Municipality within the district appoints two people to the sub-district, only one of who may be a councilor. The entire board meets in March each year for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and decides who will be the chairman and vice-chairman of the sub-district. When one of the sub-district chairmen is elected chairman of the district board, that sub-district shall appoint a second member to sit on the district board and serve as sub-district chairman.

The district board is responsible and accountable for all matters relating to its programs. The board will hire staff to assist with programs and to carry out projects and that have been approved. 

For minutes not listed, please contact the PVWD office.

Back row from left to right: Rob Adams (Upper Pembina River SD), Grant Matchullis (Lower Pembina River SD), Ross Balantine (Central Pembina River SD), Darwin Robertson (Long/Badger SD), Brad Braun (Buffalo/Marais SD), 

Front row from left to right: Bob Giesbrecht (Deadhorse SD), Bill Howatt (Board chair), Jake Goertzen (Provincial Appointee)

Current Board Meeting Minutes

Archived Board Meeting Minutes