Outdoor Classrooms

Binney Corner Nature Preserve

This 30 acre site is located northwest of Manitou, two miles North on Highway #244, then two miles West, or two miles West on Highway #3, then two miles North. The site consists of two parcels of wooded and open grassland areas divided by a stream and marshland. A 100 foot floating boardwalk connects the two pieces of land. 

There are about three kilometers of hiking trails (colour coded for trail distances) designed in loops so you can walk part or all of them. The site and trails have limited wheelchair accessibility. The site has a restroom, a lookout tower and a shelter picnic/rest area which is also used as an outdoor classroom.

Along the trails you can see over 35 wild flowers in session from spring to fall. There are also birds, waterfowl, and you might see a deer in the woods or a beaver in the water. We welcome schools, groups, seniors, and families, so come and Visit Binney Corner and . . . ."Go Take A Hike!"

Binney Self Guided Trails 

With up to three kilometers of hiking trails at Binney, print out one of our self guided trails and learn about local flora and fauna as you hike! 

Red loop brochure  

Yellow loop brochure 

Orange loop brochure 

Discovery Nature Centre 

The Discovery Nature Sanctuary is a hidden oasis in an urban landscape. Located in the north east part of Winkler just off Eastview Drive, this 32 acre space is home to waterfowl, songbirds, frogs and more. It is a safe haven for animals and plants and a relaxing place of natural beauty for people.

For information, email the organizing committee at discoverynaturesanctuary@gmail.com

or visit their website here 

Water Festivals 

Every year, local elementary students have a chance to get out of the classroom and into nature to learn about environmental sustainability. With the help of our partnerships and local volunteers, the kids spend the day hiking the trails and participating in hands on activities. Students learn about the water cycle, and how we can change/effect the quality and quantity of water. These festivals are hosted at both Binney and DNS.