Prairie Watershed Climate Program 

The Prairie Watershed Climate Program (PWCP)  provides funding incentives to producers who implement any of the three beneficial management practices (BMPs) into their operations.

To be eligible, BMPs must be a new practice, or an expansion of an existing practice onto new acres. 

Those who apply, must also fill out a Professional Assessment Form by a certified professional for each application submitted 

Cover Crops 

Producers are eligible to recieve up to $35/acre for planting cover crops

Rotational Grazing 

Producers who implement rotational grazing as a means to utilize foraging can receive support for temporary and permanent fencing, watering systems, and rejuvenating existing pasture. 

Nitrogen Management

Producers interested in reducing nitrogen emissions, improving soil health and enhancing crop yield, can apply for various projects under the nitrogen management program. 

Soil Testing & Mapping 

Nitrification and Urease Inhibitors & Slow Release Fertilizers 

Equipment Upgrades & Split Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer Substitutes & Manure Injection

Incorporation Legumes into Crop Rotation

Water Programs

Sealing and Filling Abandoned Wells 

Sealing abandoned wells maintains groundwater quality and removes hazards to people and livestock. Landowners pay $150.00 per well, PVWD covers remaining cost 

Shock Chlorination Application 

We provide water tank, chlorine and other necessary tools to perform a shock chlorination. Cost is $100.

Water Retention / Small Dam Construction 

Projects to enhance water management capabilities at the farmer and watershed level. This program includes construction of small dams, temporary back-floods, on-farm water retention basins and more 

Water Testing Programs 

Each June, PVWD receives well water samples and sends them to Winnipeg for lab testing. Contact the office for program dates, prices and participating drop-off locations. 

Shallow Wetland Incentive Program 

Class 1 & 2 wetlands are eligible for cash payments for up to 10 years. Payments are 75% of cash rent, cap at $100/acre. 

Fencing and Watering Systems

Assistance is available for installations of fencing and water systems to provide clean water for livestock, and to protect riparian areas. 

Flooded Lands 

Flood prone areas are eligible to be permanently covered. PVWD will cover a percentage of seed costs to establish or improve these areas. Yearly payments of 75% cash rent are available for a 10 year term. 

Soil Programs 

Grassed Waterway 

Funding is available to seed waterways to permanent forage to control soil erosion caused by water. Cost share will vary

Gully & Streambank Stabilization 

Installation of weirs or small dams built at intervals to reduce or remove the water flow through the gully. Cost share will vary 


Funding is available for establishing new shelterbelts as well as yearly payments for up to 10 years if planted within targeted zones. 

Erosion Control and Stream Crossing 

Funding is available to install crossings in key access points on producers farm to improve riparian areas

Saline Seed 

Cultivated areas in high salinity can be sowed down to permanent cover. PVWD will fund $70/acre for seeding costs. Area must stay covered for a minimum of three years. Incentive payments are available after 3 years for 75% of cash rent. 

Upland Area Enhancement 

Targeting marginal cropland to seed permanently to perennial forages. PVWD will cover $70/acre for seeding costs. Land must remain covered for minimum of 3 years. Incentive payments are available after 3 years for 75% cash rent. 

Wildlife Programs 

Fisheries Enhancement Projects 

The district has interest in enhancing fisheries habitat and the fishery in the area. Please call the office for more information 

Equipment Programs

Tree Planter 

Tree planter is for any landowner to use, free of charge

Mulch Applicator 

Mulch applicator is for any landowner to use after planting seedlings to help with weed control, free of charge

Mole Hill Leveler 

rental fee of $1.50/acre