PVWD Programs

Water Programs

Sealing and Filling Abandoned Wells

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The purpose of well-filling is to maintain present groundwater quality and remove hazards to people and livestock. Landowners are responsible for $150.00 per well, the PVWD will pay for any remaining costs.

Small Dam Construction

Multipurpose structures for livestock watering, wildlife, flood control, irrigation etc. Cost-share will vary.

Back-flood Gates Are Available

Small 12" to 36" gates are available to any landowner that would like to see the slow release of water or water retention for back-flooding and encouraging water infiltration.

Water Testing Programs

The Province of Manitoba recommends that well water should be tested for bacteria (total coliforms and E.coli) every year, in the spring and fall. A complete water analysis should be done every ten years, if there is a new baby in the house, or if there is any noticeable change in your well water.

The PVWD runs a well water testing program in June each year. Landowners can pick-up bottles and drop-off samples at different locations throughout the district. The PVWD will look after getting the samples into the Winnipeg labs for testing. Please contact the office for program dates, prices and participating drop-off locations.

Information for MB Private Water Well Owners

Private well owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of the drinking water from their own well. Bacteria is routinely found in wells throughout the province and across the country. Regular maintenance and bacteria testing is needed to ensure any issues are identified and addressed quickly.

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Soil Programs

Grass Waterway Establishment and Maintenance

Broad shallow channels sown to permanent forage to control soil erosion caused by water. PVWD will cover a percentage of the cost to repair and establish forage. Cost share will vary.

Gully Stabilization

PVWD will install weirs or small dams built at intervals to reduce or remove the water flow through the gully. PVWD will cover a percentage of the cost to repair the gully, cost share will vary.

Streambank Stabilization

PVWD will armor the streambank using revetment, riprap and vegetation to provide in-stream channel stability. PVWD will cover a percentage of the cost, cost share will vary.

R.M. Seed Assistance

Upon approval the PVWD will reimburse 20% of the landowners cost of forage seed, to a maximum of $200. The forage may be used for hay, pasture, wildlife habitat, or any other purpose. It is understood by the landowner and the PVWD that this forage stand will be maintained for five years.

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Wildlife Programs

Manitoba Hydro Forest Enhancement Program

PVWD applies for funding for community tree planting projects in public places.


Green Belt Shelterbelt Program

St. Alphonse - Bruxelles, with assistance from MAFRI and the PVCD, are promoting shelterbelt establishment for farm benefits and reduced wind and snow impacts.

Fisheries Enhancement Projects

The District has an interest in enhancing fisheries habitat and the fishery in the area.

Public Education Programs

Conservation Award

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The Conservation Award is presented each year to recognize an organization, family, individual, or business that actively promotes wise farm management and conservation practices. The winner is awarded the Cabernel Trophy in memory of Mike Cabernel who was a pioneer in soil/water conservation.

Youth Media Award

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The program is designed to "Let Your Creativity Flow" by youth from Grades 7 - 12, using presentations with video, PowerPoint, or posters.

We want to attract students to demonstrate the current state of our water resources and inspire others to better understand these resources while becoming a water steward in Manitoba.

Binney Outdoor Classroom

Schools use this interpretive nature site for outdoor science activities. Insect, plant, and animal identifications are done at this site.

Geographic Information System

Our office has aerial photo coverage of the district. Maps are available to residents, for farm planning etc. Please phone ahead for an appointment. The Cost per printed page is $15.00.

Pembina Valley Watershed Envirothon Clubs

Envirothon increases students` awareness of the environment, ecosystems, and the natural balance and complexity of these systems. Provides students with an opportunity to travel and experience different views on environmental issues, concerns, and concepts.

Contact the office for more information if your high school would like to start a new group.

Manitoba Envirothon

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PVWD School Environmental Education Program

PVWD will provide resource books and materials to schools to educate students about conservation and resource management. Critter kits are available at the PVWD, for anyone to use. Funding for school field trips is also available.

A Registered Charity

Pembina Valley Watershed District is a registered charity. We can issue a receipt for your cash donations or any parcels of land.

Binney Nature Preserve

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Check out the trails, boardwalk, and viewing tower at Binney!

G.P.S. Units

The PVWD has 25 G.P.S. units available to school groups, clubs, and the public to use. Please contact the office for more information.