(GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds)

  • Recognizing Ecological Goods and Services provided by Producers

The GROW (GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds) Trust Program is an initiative of the Manitoba Provincial Government to manage water flows, and improve water quality throughout all Manitoba watersheds.

Agricultural producers are at the frontline of water management and we know each year has its own challenges. Our goal with the GROW Program is to partner with producers to implement beneficial management practices that create ecological goods and services that benefit the province and the farmer. Many of the programs and projects that can be funded are similar to programs we have offered in the past. With the GROW funding however, we are able to offer cash incentive payments to farmers for acres used for on-farm water storage. These payments are available for 10 year terms, and the land is still able to be used in years that weather conditions permit, provided they remain intact (no drainage).

Programs Available:

Water Retention

Water retention projects enhance water management capabilities at the farmer and watershed level. This includes construction of small damns, temporary backfloods, or on-farm water retention basins that can reduce flooding downstream, improve water quality and provide local habitat benefits.

Wetland Restoration and Enhancement

This project acts to conserve, enhance and/or restore wetlands to provide ecological goods and services. Funding is available for the conservation of existing Class 1 and Class 2 wetlands as well as the enhancement of all classes of existing wetlands on private land.


Shelterbelts are designed to protect fields from wind erosion, offer habitats and provide shelter for farmyards and livestock. This program will fund the establishment of new shelterbelts on private lands or help enhance/restore existing shelterbelts.

Fence and Watering Systems

riparian protection along surface water bodies is important to improving water quality and wetland health. Assistance is available for installations of riparian fence and watering systems to provide clean water for livestock.

Erosion Control and Stream Crossings

stream crossings for livestock ensure a safe and dependable travel corridor year round. Funding is available to install crossings in key access points on your farm to improve riparian health.

Funding Opportunities:

  1. Wetland Enhancement- Class 1 and 2 wetlands (potholes) are eligible for cash payments for up to 10 year terms. Payments are calculated as a percentage of cash rent.

2. Riparian Improvement- Riparian restoration projects are eligible to be cost shared with PVWD. These Projects can include fences, offsite watering, winter watering sites etc.

3. Water Retention- Program funding can be used for water retention structures, control valves and more

4. Soil Health- We are interested in partnering with farmers trying innovative projects to improve soil health through poly cropping or regenerative ag techniques. PVWD will subsidize seed costs for a limited number of acres within the watershed. We can cover up to $45 an acre up to 40 acres per farm (receipts required)

5. Shelterbelt Establishment- We support shelterbelt establishment for reduction of erosion, thermal protection for livestock, snow retention and improved wildlife habitat.

Click here for the GROW Guidebook 2021

For more information, contact GROW program coordinator Clint Cavers at:, or (204) 242-7449.