Board & Staff

Board and Staff

Back row (L-R): Rob Adams (Upper Pembina River S.D.), Troy Stozek (Long/Badger S.D.), Bob Giesbrecht (Deadhorse/Buffalo S.D.), Bill Howatt (Board Chair).

Front row (L-R): Grant Matchullis (Lower Pembina River S.D.), Colin McInnes (Central Pembina River S.D.)

Missing: Jake Goertzen (Provincial Appointee)

Role of the Board

PVWD is organized to encourage the participation of local people in managing resources.

The PVWD Board is managed by five Sub-District Board Chairmen, a Board Chairman and an additional member who represents the Province as a Provincial Appointee. Each Rural Municipality within the district appoints two people to the sub-district, only one of who may be a councilor. The entire board meets in March each year for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and decides who will be the chairman and vice-chairman of the sub-district. When one of the sub-district chairmen is elected chairman of the district board, that sub-district shall appoint a second member to sit on the district board and serve as sub-district chairman.

The district board is responsible and accountable for all matters relating to its programs. The board will hire staff to assist with programs and to carry out projects and programs that have been approved by the board members.

Board/Sub-District Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held at 9:30am on the third Wednesday of the month, every second month, with the exception of the Winter months (October to March). Each sub-district is invited to attend an additional meeting throughout the year; plus attend our AGM in March when we hold our board elections.

The sub-district board meets three time a year; April to review budgets and make a detailed work plan, July to review current activities and prepare the budget for next year and November to go over activities and review next year's schedule.

District Office Staff:

Cliff Greenfield, Manager & Engineering Technologist

Reporting to the district board, the manager ensures effective communication within the district, provides professional and technical advice, administers and manages the district's program and projects, maintains liaison with all levels of government, and represents the board in support of integrated resource management and sustainable development.

Under the direction of the board, Cliff provides advice on physical means by which to implement board objectives, assists in preparing management and work plans, prepares project construction plans, and inspects the work of contractors hired by the board to build WD projects.

Lexine LeBlanc, Administrator

Under the general direction of the manager, the administrator is responsible for all district record keeping, including financial accounting and keeping minutes for the board.

Randy Dow, Engineering Technologist

Under the direction of the manager, Randy will assist with work plans and construction. He will work along with the contractors during project construction. He will be responsible for doing the GIS work for the district.

Angie Smith, Assistant Administrator

Under the direction of the administrator, Angie will assist with the districts record keeping, including financial, writing articles and general office duties.

Gerrit Maxwell, Assistant Resource Technician

Under the direction of the the engineer technologist and manager, Gerrit will assist with the work plans and construction. He will work along with the contractors during project construction. He will be responsible for drafting the district projects with AutoCad.