PVWD Conservation Award

This award is presented to an individual, family, business or organization that the Pembina Valley Watershed District (PVWD) will recognize each year within the district for their wise management and conservation practices. The PVWD board nominates and judges the WD Award winner for their efforts they have shown in their areas of sustainability, conservation and/or water stewardship. A listing of the Conservation Award winners will be listed in the Manitoba Association of Watershed District (MAW) Annual Magazine. In addition, they will represent the PVWD at the Annual MAW Conference in Brandon. They are recognized at the annual banquet during the MAW Conference.

This award acknowledges those who demonstrate positive conservation principles. The nominee should have undertaken conservation efforts over a number of years that have shown long-term benefits for the natural environment and society.

McDonald Farms

PVWD 2021 Conservation Award Recipient

2021 PVWD Conservation Award Winner.pdf


  • Improving local water quality

  • Conservation practices on the farm

  • Maintaining or restoring wetlands

  • Improving riparian areas through sound management

  • Reforesting

  • Educating about the environment and sustainability

  • Providing wildlife and fish habitat

  • Promoting environmental ethics and awareness

  • Working in the community to further conservation and sustainability

In 1997, the Pembina Valley Conservation District began awarding the Mike Cabernel Trophy annually to "The PVCD Farm Family", now referred to as the "Conservation Award Winner. The Mike Cabernel Family is noted for donating money to set up a fund which the PVWD administers.

During his lifetime, Mike Cabernel contributed greatly in promoting conservation practices and progressive farming initiatives in his community of Bruxelles, Manitoba where he was born and raised. His success and enthusiasm was acknowledged and recognized throughout Manitoba and beyond.

His involvement in soil conservation practices date back to 1952. Some of the practices he included were gully repair and stabilization, zero-tillage, trash management, contour farming, field shelterbelts, woodlot planting, and growing perennial forage crops on steep slopes to reduce soil erosion.

In 1992 Mike Cabernel was awarded the L.B. Thompson Award as Canada's most dedicated Conservationist. He was an honorary member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists, former president of the St. Alphonse-Bruxelles Soil & Water Management Association, and a Charter member of the Manitoba Forage Council. His community involvement included being a member of the Bruxelles Parish Hall Committee, Trustee of the St. Gerard Parish and member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #121, Holland.

Winner of the 2020 MAW Builder Award Recipient Murray Seymour

Youth Media Competition

Let Your Creativity Flow

Manitoba Association of Watersheds (MAW)


Entrants must create a promotional piece directed at a middle school or high school audience, but with appeal for other age groups. This piece will use creative elements to attract students to the current state of our water resources and inspiring others to better understand these resources, while becoming a water steward in Manitoba.


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Pilot Mound Elements Club - Winner of the 2019 Youth Media Competition

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